NetRaven SOC Gen2 as a Service

NetRaven fully managed NOC service has expanded into fully managed SOC Gen2 as a Service.

The Woodlands, TX: Rectitude 369 jointly with NetRaven today announced SOC Gen2 as a fully Managed Security Service. NetRaven SOC is a fully Managed Security solution and offers a new way for Customers to have a full peace of mind for a Centralized Security Solution without tasking your current IT staff.

Features and benefits of NetRaven SOC include.

  • Continuous monitoring & fully managed 24X7X365
  • Centralized visibility 
  • Reduced cybersecurity costs
  • Better Collaboration
  • Unrivalled accuracy to quickly detect and shutdown attacks in real-time
  • Faster detection and remediation
  • Rapid incident investigations
  • Zero-friction deployment
  • Enhanced business agility and scalability
  • Lower your overall cybersecurity risk
  • ITSM system integration
  • Rapid deployment
  • Cost effective

NetRaven NOC/SOC services are available today and are being rapidly deployed internationally.

About Rectitude 369, LLC & NetRaven, LLC: Rectitude 369, LLC & NetRaven, LLC are leaders in secure IT transformation. Our team of technology experts pairs integrity with reliable and scalable technology solutions. We help you plan, design, and implement enterprise networking, network security, Fully Managed NOC/SOC services, and unified communications.

NetRaven SOC Gen2 as a Service

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